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State of the art waste paper trim system

One of the biggest book manufacturing companies in Europe has installed a state of the art book binding machine. This enables them to offer greater flexibility with the service they offer in terms of quantity and delivery at very competitive prices.

Dust is generated on the binder when the folded pages are scuffed prior to the application of glue on the spine and trim is generated when the assembled pages are trimmed on three sides.

IDC were tasked to design a waste paper trim and dust extraction system together with a glue fume extraction system.

Special attention had to be paid to the design of the system in terms of air volume and pressure. This was to ensure the collected waste would transport a distance of 70 meters into an existing central trim/dust extraction system.

A 15kw waste trim cutting fan was mounted local to the machine in a purpose design sound enclosure and is connected to the dust and trim producing areas via galvanised ductwork with flanged joints.

The fume control is handled by an inline bifurcated axial flow fan that discharges to the outside atmosphere via galvanised ductwork.

The company Chief Engineer stated “IDC were always ahead of the game on the project and carried out the installation in a professional way within the required timescale”.

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