Case studies

IDC put brakes on dust

IDC was approached by a major motor racing company to design a dust extraction system that would control dust generated on a Brake Dyno Rig.

The rig consists of a drive motor, a race car wheel mounted on a shaft, a set of ceramic brake pads and a high speed fan to replicate air speed. All the above being housed in a sound proof enclosure.

The speed of the motor is linked to a computer that replicates the wheel travelling round any circuit in the world by any of the teams driver's. The brakes are applied at the same time as they would be on a circuit. The resulting dust cloud is very dense and fine.

IDC designed a dust control system that extracts and filters the dust using a 170m² Cartridge type Reverse Jet cleaning unit and a 22kw floor mounted centrifugal fan.

The dust is collected in a series of containers at the unit base and the cleaned air is discharged to the outside atmosphere.

Special attention had to be paid to the space restrictions and the ease of access for maintenance of the extractors.

The system was installed within the stipulated timescale and within budget.

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