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Date Posted: March 2012


IDC have been awarded a service contract by a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer who specialise in the production of cardiac medications.

The contract includes regular inspection on both the mechanical and performance aspects of the sites various dust control systems.

Using the correct PPE is paramount due to the potential for contamination from the dusts. Also full risk assessments and method statements are required to ensure safe working is complied with.

Individual reports for each dust control unit/system are submitted and kept in a file by the client. This helps them to adopt the recommendations of the Health & Safety Executive document HSG258.

The site Services Manager stated that “It is reassuring that the dust systems are inspected and maintained to a good level in order that the production areas are kept below the maximum exposure limits at all times”.

Date Posted: February 2012


One of the biggest book manufacturing companies in Europe has installed a state of the art book binding machine. This enables them to offer greater flexibility with the service they offer in terms of quantity and delivery at very competitive prices.

Dust is generated on the binder when the folded pages are scuffed prior to the application of glue on the spine and trim is generated when the assembled pages are trimmed on three sides.

IDC were tasked to design a waste paper trim and dust extraction system together with a glue fume extraction system.

Special attention had to be paid to the design of the system in terms of air volume and pressure. This was to ensure the collected waste would transport a distance of 70 meters into an existing central trim/dust extraction system.

A 15kw waste trim cutting fan was mounted local to the machine in a purpose design sound enclosure and is connected to the dust and trim producing areas via galvanised ductwork with flanged joints.

The fume control is handled by an inline bifurcated axial flow fan that discharges to the outside atmosphere via galvanised ductwork.

The company Chief Engineer stated “IDC were always ahead of the game on the project and carried out the installation in a professional way within the required timescale”.

Date Posted: January 2012


IDC was approached by a major motor racing company to design a dust extraction system that would control dust generated on a Brake Dyno Rig.

The rig consists of a drive motor, a race car wheel mounted on a shaft, a set of ceramic brake pads and a high speed fan to replicate air speed. All the above being housed in a sound proof enclosure.

The speed of the motor is linked to a computer that replicates the wheel travelling round any circuit in the world by any of the teams driver's. The brakes are applied at the same time as they would be on a circuit. The resulting dust cloud is very dense and fine.

IDC designed a dust control system that extracts and filters the dust using a 170m² Cartridge type Reverse Jet cleaning unit and a 22kw floor mounted centrifugal fan.

The dust is collected in a series of containers at the unit base and the cleaned air is discharged to the outside atmosphere.

Special attention had to be paid to the space restrictions and the ease of access for maintenance of the extractors.

The system was installed within the stipulated timescale and within budget.

Date Posted: 15th July 2011


In March this year IDC were tasked to offer a solution to a serious breakdown problem on a paper waste reduction fan that serves guillotines on a 24/7 book production.

The fan frequently became blocked and damaged which led to expensive downtime while repairs were carried out.

After a period of evaluation and a proposal IDC were given a contract to supply and install a replacement waste reducing fan.

Special attention was given to the construction of the fan impeller. In particular the design of inlet and the cutting blades.

A 33kw belt driven fan complete with ventilated sound enclosure was installed over the Easter bank holiday. It has now run continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The site services manager stated they now have “peace of mind that comes from continuous production”.

Date Posted: 15th July 2011


In May this year IDC received a contract to install a dust control system on a grain cleaning machine at a leading grain processing/distribution company.

The previous system was based on a “Simple Cyclone” separator.

Although the separator did a good job in collecting grain husk it did not sufficiently capture the dust. This led to excessive emissions that were evident on the roof and surrounding building.

IDC installed a Reverse Jet dust control unit and fan to handle a total of 9000 cubic metres per hour.

The unit has 90sqm of filter material manufactured from Anti-Static Polyester, ATEX certified explosion relief panel and a Rotary Discharge Valve.

The site Chief Engineer states that the System now runs “with no emissions and collects all waste material at a convenient single point”.

Date Posted: 15th July 2011


A leading manufacturer of inkjet photographic paper has over recent years adapted its production to cater for changing market conditions and future demand.

A feature of these changes was to consolidate some production facilities into one building.

However it continued to use a 50 year old waste trim collection plant that was originally designed for much greater capacity that what is now needed.

To overcome this issue and after a protracted project consultation period, IDC were contracted to install two individual waste paper trim separation/collection systems that were convenient to the source of the waste trim from production lines.

The work had to be done in a tight time schedule without significant loss of production.

One system combines a 22kw Radial fan with a trim separator located on a steelwork support structure.

The waste is fed into a waste compaction unit that in turn feeds it into a “roll in roll out skip” facility.

This enabled the client to cease using the central waste collection system that was very expensive to run with high energy consumption and a virtual constant requirement for maintenance.

The site Project Manager states that they now “have greatly reduced energy consumption and waste collection systems fit for purpose to meet current and future production demands”.

Date Posted: 15th July 2011


In January IDC were awarded a contract to service and maintain dust control systems by a large brick manufacturing company.

This work involves a mechanical/performance check every 3 months of all systems including Dust Control unit's ductwork and all associated equipment.

Reports are submitted and if any remedial work is required the client is given a written quotation and where required IDC carry out the work.

This ensures that the Dust Control systems operate at optimum performance at all times.

In addition to routine servicing IDC also carry out the 14 monthly LEV inspections of the systems as required by COSHH legislation.

See link to HSG258 on the home page for more information on COSHH.

IDC has an increasing portfolio of clients who require regular maintenance and LEV surveys.